Friday, March 5, 2010

How to Turn a Friend Into a Girlfriend - A Complete Solution

friend to girlfriend
I remember how desperate I was to change my best friend into my lover and I remember how I wanted to know immediately how to turn a friend into a girlfriend because my heart was near to bursting!

So today I wanted to give you a resource that will help you a lot more than a few blog posts because I know how helpful it was for me.

I used to be a loser with women.
I was likable, I was enjoying my life, I was going places but I still had no idea about women and was friend zoned a bunch of times. I got sick of that and went overseas to work for sometime and made some really good friends who knew how to pick up women. I learned through trial and error the ways to meet and pick up women and became a bit of a local legend in a small town in England because of it.

Then I moved back home when it was time and met back up with my best friend from school who I was madly in love with at the time.

Guess what, nothing had changed.
I fell head over heels again and despite all my new knowledge about women I fell right back into the same traps I was in before. I felt like that trapped friend zoned loser again and I knew after all my hooks ups in the UK that this girl was THE ONE and I HAD to have her.

I needed more help to turn my friend into a girlfriend and after my friends in England gave me such good advice I decided to go searching for more advice from people who knew their stuff.

I found a resource that really set things straight for me.
It filled the gaps in my knowledge and empowered me to change myself to woo this girl who I knew was my perfect match even though she did not know it.

Well, long story short, that girl left her jerk of a boyfriend at the time for me within a few weeks of me taking action. Two years alter we were married and I am a happy man because I have what I want in life and I know HOW to get it on all fronts.

So what I am trying to say is you can change things around if you find it hard to seduce women or if you just find it hard to get that one and keep getting into the friend zone trap.

The resources I mention is a very interesting guide on how to turn a friend into a girlfriend.

Click below to find out more about this guide but only if you are serious about making this girl your girlfriend. If you don’t have the guts to change yourself then don’t bother. If you do have the balls then you are about to get exactly what you need.

How to Break Out of the Friend Zone

Ok, you want to know how to break out of the friend zone and I don’t blame you! I compiled a few tips that worked for me and have worked for everyone I have advised on this issue.

These tips cut right to the heart of the psychology of women and men. Follow these and you are on your way to being seen as a potential lover and nto an emotional tampon.

1. Limit your Availability.

The first instincts we have as men in love is to be as available as possible to the girl of our dreams. We want to be building some connection with her and if you are a romantic at heart this is an urge hard to resist.
However when you are always available to talk on the phone, chat online or be there for them you are not sending the signals of being a boyfriend to them!

Women want strong supportive men this is true, but not at this stage of a relationship. What you are doing now is removing every aspect of mystery about yourself and laying your mind and heart bare to them. You are also indicating you have nothing else better to do with your life than talk to them.

Counter intuitive? Yes it may seem so but this is how women’s minds work and I should know I see it ALL the time. Stop being available, don’t shut them out completely but make sure you have other things to do and get a bit of mystery to your persona!

2. Don’t Talk Too Long

Don’t get sucked into long phone conversations with her and don’t continue to text back and forth all the time.

This is a part of not being totally available and will make them want to chase YOU more.

Also if you are chatting online make sure to set your status to be away enough and don’t answer every time to prod you. You are a busy guy with his own remember, they respect this in a lover!

Reserve these kinds of exchanges for making proper time to meet with them where you can talk further (hint: sounds a little like organising a date doesn’t it?)

3. Deal with Women’s Shit.

Women are emotional, moody and often completely crazy and hormonal! They can be a mans greatest part of his life and they can be their biggest nightmare all rolled into one.

DEAL WITH IT LIKE A MAN! Women love testing men to see how they react when they are like this and you cannot act like their girlfriends and you cannot act like their brother. You must be a man and deal with it and tell them that you have things you need to sort out so you will give them their space.

How HARD is that though when you just want to comfort them because you hate seeing them sad? Stay disciplined and this will be a major part of turning the tables of being seen as a friend or a lover.

4. Don’t Tell Her Your Are Attracted to Her

Nothing turns a woman off more than being the sensitive, soft guy who just wants to be loved. Mothers tell you that girls want this only because they see you as a boy and mothers want sensitive boys who treat women with respect and need love and attention.

Women though want the opposite in many ways. They want a strong man, a secure man and a confident man. These traits are hard wired into a womans brain to find a partner who will be able to provide and take care of them and their offspring. You might not be thinking about that and nither are they but it is instinctual.

Once you are their lover you can do all the nice romantic things but until you are they are looking for stability and security … you need to be that man not someone who looks weak because of it.

Crazy right? Well this is how to break out of the friend zone and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. You need to NOT be a friend remember … you need to be that confident mysterious man who is a potential lover for them and then you have the edge.

From Friend to Girlfriend - Possible or Waste of Time?

Going from friend to girlfriend is a dilemma faced by many including myself many a time. It is a situation so many guys face as they try to be a gentleman and prove to a girl that they are the one that will be thier best match and then WHAM ... out of nowhere you are placed on the shelf marked "friend--- do not touch".

In this case guys usually fall into two camps. Continue to be friends and try to win her over from your close position as her friend and hope she realises what a nice guy you are (hint, this does not work ... ever). Or some guys get the balls to confront her and make their intentions known which usually ends in disaster and sometimes a lost friend too.

Whichever option you take is a waste of time and hurtful right? If you answered yes then you are correct ... however what if there was a third way? What if you could manipulate the situation and the knowledge of how girls think to yoru advantage and make HER crave YOU as a lover?

This is what this blog is all about ... the third way. It does not just work for going from friend to girlfriend either. The same tricks can be used to help with any seduction but these are more specifically geared to changing a friend to a lover.

So first thing: Don’t try the two things above. You need to be seen as a lover not as a friend before you make a move and you need to stop being classified as a friend. Stay tuned for more info!